Parlier Unified offering telehealth services to students

PARLIER, Calif. (KFSN) -- Amid the coronavirus pandemic, student stress is taking on a whole new meaning.

For some students, studying from home can be more stressful than learning in the classroom.

"We anticipated anxiety arising from a sudden change in what we used to know as our day to day lives," said Parlier Unified School District social worker, Xochitl Machado.

Students need support now more than ever, and that's why Parlier Unified found a way to bring mental health services straight to families' homes.

"There was a lot of confusion with families, even with staff too, of how we were going to continue our teaching and continue to support students emotionally and socially," said school psychologist, Corrina Schader.

The district meets with students via Zoom, sends social and emotional lessons to teachers that they can use, and even offers classes where students can drop in as needed.

"They talked about feeling disconnected from their friends, so we've talked about ways to stay connected ways to reach out," said Machado.

Services are offered Monday through Friday and will still continue even after classes stop for the summer.

"We may not be psychically present at the school, but we're still here," said Machado. "We're not just going to pull back, knowing there may be support needed."